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FAQ - Questions and Answers

General Questions

  • Your company is based in Switzerland. Do custom fees apply to deliveries to USA?
    No custom fees apply to deliveries to USA. We pay it for you! iSQUARED is registered with the German and Swiss tax authorities and storage as well as shipping of our goods is handled by our logistics service based in Germany.

  • How does shipping work and when will goods be delivered?
    The shipment of goods from our warehouse in Germany is carried out by parcel service, organised through our logistics partner. Generally orders are dispatched within 24h or upon individual agreement.

  • What guarantee do you offer?
    Our products can be used instead of those by the original manufacturer with absolute certainty and reliance. iSQUARED guarantees that your products are absolutely free of defects on delivery. Nevertheless, should you face difficulties or if you are not completely satisfied with one of our products, please contact us immediately. iSQUARED will replace the product or refund the full amount paid for.


Questions relating to FDM material

  • What type of machine can ABS X-TREME material be used for?
    Our ABS X-TREME material is suitable for all types of machines manufactured by Stratasys. It is 100% compatible with machines of the Dimension series (SST 768, BST 768, SHDM-1000, Elite, BST 1200, SST 1200, BST 1200es and SST 1200es), the Fortus series (900mc, 400mc, 360mc, 250mc and 200mc), the Prodigy series, the FDM series (1600 bis 8000, Titan, Vantage, Quantum and Maxum), the uPrint series (uPrint, uPrint Plus, uPrintSE, uPrintSE Plus) and the HP series (HP Designjet 3D, HP Designjet Color 3D).

  • What colours are available?
    Currently our material is available in the following colours: natural, black, grey, white, blue, orange, red and glow in the dark.

  • Are special colours available?
    Yes, we gladly offer our material in your preferred colour, according to a colour sample. Please contact us for details.

  • What materials are offered for Stratasys technologies?
    Currently we offer one option called ABS X-TREME, along with support material for later removal.

  • Can your support material be used for systems working with water soluble support material?
    Yes, depending on the type of machine it can be used. Please contact us for details.

  • What are the mechanical properties of ABS X-TERME material?
    For information on mechanical properties of ABS X-TREME please click on the relevant product data sheet in our online shop.

  • How long has iSQUARED been active on the market for FDM materials?
    iSQUARED entered the market in 2009. Internationally recognised OEMs as well as small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide have successfully been using our materials. References are available upon request.

  • Will you offer additional FDM materials for Stratasys machines in future?
    We continuously work on the improvement of our products. New products are constantly under development and in various test phases. If you would like to be kept up to date on our latest developments, please sign up for our newsletter.

  • How is the material installed?
    Our material is available in two different options, either in a filament cartridge (as used by the original manufacturer), or for DIY conversion. You can find a tutorial for the DIY conversion in our video information section.

  • Is the use of iSQUARED materials verifiable at a later stage?
    No, the use of iSQUARED materials is unverifiable.

  • Is it necessary to adapt the machine in order to use ABS X-TREME material?
    No, there are not adaptations necessary, neither for the machine’s hardware nor for the software.


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