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FDM Thermoplastics

Stratasys Dimension Series – Refill for ABSplus P430 / ABS P400
Dimension Series
Stratasys Fortus Series -  Refill for ABSplus P430 / ABS M30
Fortus Series
Stratasys uPrint Series - Alternative for ABSplus P430
uPrint Series
HP Designjet 3D – Refill for ABSplus P430
HP Designjet 3D
Stratasys F123 Series - Refill for ABS M30
F123 Series
Stratasys FDM Series - Refill for ABS M30 / ABS P400

3D printing using ABS X-TREME in different colours

The FDM material ABS X-TREME can be applied as an alternative to printing material offered by Stratasys. Our materials have been successfully used for Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology by Stratasys and Dimension for years. The Stratasys 3D printer materials ABS P400, ABSplus P430 and ABS M30 can be replaced with our FDM material ABS X-TREME.

Our FDM and support material can be used with the following Dimension 3D printers: Elite, SST1200es, SST1200, SST768, BST1200es, BST1200, BST 768, SHDM-1000.

Also on Printers from the uPrint + HP Designjet Serie: uPrint, uPrint Plus, uPrint SE, uPrint SE Plus, HP Designjet 3D, HP Designjet Color 3D.

Further, our ABS material is compatible with machines of the Fortus series systems 900mc, 450mc, 400mc, 380mc, 360mc, 250mc and 200mc and the FDM series, including models Titan, Vantage, Quantum and Maxum, as well als the the Prodigy series.

ABS X-TREME is available in different colours: natural, black, grey, white, blue, orange, red - special colours on request.

Our FDM materials can be used as a substitute for Stratasys FDM materials without any risk. You can rely on our satisfaction guarantee.